Shipping Policies

We want our consumer's online purchasing experience to be easy, glorious and pleasurable. To fulfill that, we have created ordering, shipping and payment procedures to be as simple as we could.

Shipping Policies

Kindly endure our shipping policies and let us perceive if you have any doubts by writing an email to us at

Most of the debit card and credit card purchased orders are dispatched on the same business day.

Below we mention our accessible shipping options:

Standard Air Mail Shipping - Delivery done within 10 to 15 business days

Fast or Express Shipping - Delivery done within 7 to 8 business days

By default all the purchased products are sent through Standard Air Mail Shipping only exceptif the customer specially demands and pays for Fast Shipping service. Please go through about our Fast Shipping Serviceguidelines.

Note: If you do not receive any of your products within the above specified duration, you are appealed to wait for at the most 20 days because these are International orders and may get hurdles at times.

Kindly assure that you wouldn't miss your order's delivery. Signatures are necessary in most countries for the parcel delivery. You should check in your post office nearby your locality if in case you still do not receive your package even after 20 days. Further than this time duration, they give it back to us.

We offer international delivery to all the countries in the world except Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Italy, Germany, Norwayand Spain.You are requestedto note that traditions and import processes in some of the countries disallow the import and usability of herbal products. It is your sole amenability to check the policies of your respective country whether or not it permits you.

We won't be held subjected for any custom duties or charges that show up at your local customs office. We will also not be held answerableto any other additional charges your local carrier service residing in your country may ask you to pay.

Our SHIPPING policy implies the charges for us to transmit your purchased order to your specific country. If you are hesitant of your own country's import policies, then kindly check them before placing yourorder.

Estimated delivery time durationfor the items we have in our stock is from date of shipment, provided no issues occur at your neighboring customs office. will not be held liable for any problems that occur at your country's local customs agency.

For All the Order Status and Returns

Email us at

Payment Options

Online orders can be carried byany one of the option:Credit card, Debit card or PayPal. We allow the following credit cards: VISA, American Express,MasterCard, Discover, Diners Cluband JCB. We also approve VISA or MasterCard debit cards of almost all banks.

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