List of Exercises to Lose Love Handles Fast

Exercises to Lose Love Handles

What are Love Handles?

Love handles are the colloquial term given to the region of excess fat deposition above one's waistline. Like all abdominal muscles these muscles are extremely difficult to get rid of. Diligent exercises should be done in order to lose love handles fast.

To get rid of love handles individuals must target their lower abdominal muscles while working out. The best way to lose love handles fast is to combine a low calorie but healthy diet with a max interval workout that burns most of the calories and helps you shed body fat at an extremely fast rate. Abdominal muscles are involved in breathing, coughing, maintaining posture and to an extent in speech. The anterior abdominal wall is made up of four muscles namely rectus abdominis muscle, internal obliques, external obliques and the transverse abdominis. Your answer lies in the working of these four muscles.

Macmillan dictionary defines love handles as the areas of fat at the side of one's waist. Many men and women equally wonder how to lose them. People react to fats differently. Fat deposits vary from person to person and also from men to women. The factors that contribute are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dehydration

If we consider the above and find a way to solve number 3 to 7 we will be well on the way to losing love handles very fast. The most effective way to lose that area is to make lifestyle changes and maintain proper diet like eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking adequate water, eating whole grain and fibre, eating healthy proteins and fats, and not snacking on processed foods. Exercise tones the muscles, but will not get rid of the fat deposits. But a combination of lifestyle modifications, diet and exercise will work wonders in losing love handles very fast.


There are a lot of exercises to lose love handles fast. These exercises emphasise on developing the lower abdominal muscles. This mechanism of training the lower abs is important to losing that area. The various exercises are the bicycle crunch, Russian twist, dead lift, plank knee drive, elevated plank, side plank and high plank. Each of these exercises is to be performed slowly while breathing calmly and not forcefully. The exercises are to be repeated in the range of fifteen to twenty repetitions in each set. Ideally three sets are performed however if a beginner is attempting them, he should increase the number of sets gradually from one to three and if necessary increase them to five.

Stherb Body Shape gel is a natural slimming gel that can be used to lose love handles fast. Along with the InstaSlim capsule when taken both over a course of three to four months would help to lose love handles fast undoubtedly.

Lose Love Handles Fast

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