Top 5 Fat Loss FAQs, Weight Loss Diet Frequently Asked Questions

Fat Loss FAQs

Planning for weight loss? Something is still bothering you? These are the top 5 fat loss FAQs commonly being asked by the people who plan to lose weight. These weight loss frequently asked questions might help you to clear all your doubts so that you may successfully execute your plans without any worry.

My parents are obese. Do genetics influence the body weight?

The most important part that the genes play is choosing the kinds of foods and the body's slow metabolism. If your parents like to eat hamburger, or pizza or sugary treats on almost daily basis you are likely having them too; as you grow up watching them eating these stuffs. If you shift your eating patterns with more balanced weight loss diet then you can reverse this process. It is not that your parents are obese and they never were able to get slim and fit body, so it is your case as well. The thing is they might not have tried really hard in this regard. Strong will power is the key to success!

Can I lose weight without exercise?

No, if you want to shed extra pounds then exercising is a must. You might have heard several times about some 'magical' gadgets or pills that claim to work even in absence of exercise or assure you lose cellulite even by eating your favorite dish; but this is not the case. In reality, such things seem relieving but are mere an illusion. Though, there are some genuine products too that increase your body's metabolism but these never ask for not exercising at all.

There is always a contribution for hard work, without which one never gets successful on whatever field he or she tries luck. Just the thing is choosing the right kind or exercise and weight loss diet is a must. This is achieved by a certified fitness trainer who actually understands the science behind it and always advises to have a plan whichever suits your body well.

I really like food. How would I control this?

Liking food is a human nature but being a foodie is a matter of concern because such kinds of persons are in the habit of over-eating which affects their health sooner or later. You eat sweet treats and you start loving it. You face anxiety and stress on a daily basis and have these 'comfort foods' to feel somewhat relaxing. Each and every time you consume them you actually enjoy more and more. This outlines your basic psychology that such foods are stress relieving and excellent means to enjoy the life and other weight loss diet containing fruits and vegetables are boring. You have to first change this mindset. Plan your meals by referring to a health expert.

Baking, grilling and boiling with less or no oil are the best practices. You are free to add somewhat taste by adding little spices. There are various types of fruit smoothies that are actually regarded as weight loss diet whose recipes are shared on the internet. The moment you start dieting and eat good meals, say to yourself "It is really tasty food, and I like it!". Feel it and you are sure of actually liking these things as well. This later controls one's mind and you gradually avoid over eating.

I am a woman. Does lifting heavy weight add bulky muscles just as men do?

The physical structures of both men and women are entirely different. Both of them have specific hormones that have contribution in making them either masculine or feminine. Women never add bulky muscles on their arms like men even if they lift heavy weights on daily basis because their estrogen hormone never allows them to make. Lifting suitable weights tightens their arms and reduces their sagging skin. If you see some women having men-like muscles, it is because they consume specific pills or steroids that stimulate their hormone and changes their basic physical nature.

My body is really bulky. Should I skip the meals?

Skipping basic meals never ever will help you in losing weight. It instead slows down the body's metabolism and shifts the body to 'starving mode' in which it tends to store foods as much as it can in the form of fats so as to utilize it later in the form of energy. Eating the right choice of foods or weight loss diet only can help you in achieving your goals. Have them in small amounts after a gap of every 2 or 3 hours so that you wouldn't feel like hungry all the time. Always have a habit of breakfast that supercharges the body and provides enough of energy as the entire day depends upon it.

Above weight loss frequently asked questions are the most common fat loss FAQs which are asked by most individuals before they plan to shed extra pounds. Kindly go through each of them and enlighten your minds!

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