Diet Plan Providing 800 Calories Per Day for All

Diet Plan Providing 800 Calories Per Day

On an average scale bringing down our calorie intake is a good measure to be taken for losing weight but cutting off the calorie intake to eight hundred calories is a drastic step. This step is taken only when there is an urgent need or requirement to get rid of obesity or it is done to treat weight related ailments.

The diet plan providing 800 calories per day is classified in the very low calorie diet plan range and should be undertaken under strict medical supervision. The regime is to be supervised at all times by a registered health instructor else it could lead to severe nutritional deficiencies and health issues.

Benefits of the diet plan providing 800 calories per day

An eight hundred calorie diet followed for a short spell of time for exceptionally obese individual can cut down the weight rapidly. Individuals suffering from weight related ailments are also treated by following this diet plan. This type of very low calorie diet often while stimulating weight loss in people improves fertility problems, cardiac problems as well as respiratory ailments. Improvement in blood pressure count and curing of sleep disorders are also observed. Waist circumference is also reduced by this method.

Diet Plan for Vegetarians


A hard-boiled egg which comprises of about seventy eight calories, a slice of bread and half a glass of non-fat milk is to be taken for breakfast. Low fat yogurt along with watermelon cubes can be taken as an alternative sometimes. The overall calorie intake is around two hundred.


Salads contain various nutrition benefits and are the best for low calorie lunch dishes and a portion of green salad. Vegetable soup along with a rice dish and crackers worth hundred calories are to be taken to bring the overall intake to about two hundred calories.


Baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli is to be taken and amounts to around two hundred fifty calories and to bring about an increase in intake a filling desert worth around a hundred fifty calories can be taken.

Diet Plan for Non-Vegetarians


The breakfast elements are the same as that of the vegetarian diet.


The lunch can include a small chicken sandwich without the spread. It amounts for more than two hundred calories.


Grilled chicken breast along with sweet potato and broccoli is to be taken.


The eight hundred calorie diet should be formulated under close medical supervision. Without proper supervision this calorie cut can result in muscle fatigue, dehydration, malnutrition and mental confusion. Unsupervised VLCDs can severely damage health and the 800 calories a day diet is no exception. When followed for long term the nutritional deficiencies triggered can induce muscle loss as well as bone loss. In rare cases, the basic functioning of the kidney and liver is also affected.

Nevertheless the diet plan providing 800 calories per day is an extremely rigorous but successful diet plan that aids an individual to quickly reduce their body fat and treat many other weight related ailments.

800 Calories Per Day Diet Plan

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