Diet Plan Providing 1200 Calories Per Day for Everyone

Diet Plan Providing 1200 Calories Per Day

In today's times, a large amount of importance is given to body fitness. It is the rage for guys and girls alike. Physical fitness is an important aspect to maintain a good body shape. Although practicing a healthy diet and exercising regularly looks to be an easy task, maintaining and strictly following a routine has become cumbersome to many working individuals due to lack of time. Since these individuals do not have the time for rigorous workouts or exercises, a healthy diet is recommended to ensure a good, healthy physique. A diet plan providing 1200 calories per day is an easy way to remove body fats and help individuals to stay in great shape.

Vegetarian Diet Plan

This diet plan is highly recommended for individuals who are vegetarians that require a diet plan providing 1200 calories per day.

The breakfast component of the day should include any of the following three combinations:

  • A juice followed by whole wheat toast and low sugar plum spread.
  • Broccoli pie or potato and cheese omelette with a cup of strawberries.
  • Muffins, milk and grapes.

Lunch according to a diet plan providing 1200 calories per day can include

  • Quesadillas, zucchini slaw, milk and half a cup of carrot sticks
  • Red lentil soup with a crisp bread along with milk

Snacks to be taken can be considered optional in certain cases but if needed, it should include a fruit, a glass of skimmed milk and bread. Other combinations can be tried and experimented with keeping in mind the calorie count. Avoid mangoes and bananas.

Dinner should be eaten like a pauper and as such the combinations should be chosen wisely. Curried cashew burgers with two cups of mixed greens and tomato vinaigrette is a good combination that leaves us completely satisfied when it comes to taste as well as being of low calorie intake.

Non Vegetarian Diet Plan

This diet plan is highly recommended for individuals who are non-vegetarians that require a diet plan providing 1200 calories per day.


Breakfast is to have a high amount of calorie intake so the suggested meals are to be strictly followed and should include half a cup of fat free curd along with a couple of strawberries, medium to long sized banana and a quarter of a parfait.


Lunch is a component in which one would require a moderate calorie intake and should include the following components in their diet. Spinach salad with half a cup broccoli and carrot which should be grated along with ten cherry tomatoes is very appetizing as a starter to a healthy lunch. These can be accompanied by half a cup corn, half a cup of black beans, and one third of a cup shredded reduced fat mozzarella cheese.


This category of diet plan providing 1200 calories per day includes elements which are of low calorie intake individually. The diet comprises of pain barbecued four oz pork, barbecued potato with a table spoon of salsa and a table spoon of fat free sour cream. This should be taken along with eight stalks of grilled asparagus.

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