Diet Plan Providing 1000 Calories Per Day for All

Diet Plan Providing 1000 Calories Per Day

Eating less can often result in weight loss as the calorie intake has been cut short. The concept of weight loss is that if we eat less (low calorie intake) and work more(burn more calories than usual) weight loss is inevitable. Although this is a good thing for most people, cutting down the calorie intake to a thousand calories is a day is a risky thing. The amount of calories burnt by the individual depends on his age, size, body composition, gender and physical activity level. The diet plan providing 1000 calories per day is an intense diet plan which would jumpstart weight loss and should be followed for a short amount of time as it would leave you energy deprived when followed in long spells. Though this diet plan has a lot of weight loss benefits, it comes under the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) range and can have health related effects on the individual unless he or she is supervised by a registered health instructor.

To maintain such a diet, individuals should try eating four to five snack-sized meals of around 200 calories each to have a constant supply of energy at all times. Taking out entire food groups should not be done, like all carbohydrates or all fats, as the body needs all the macronutrients to enhance health. The individual should limit his daily exercise while following the diet plan providing 1000 calories per day. This diet plan would leave the individual fatigued and vulnerable to injury therefore it should be followed under strict supervision.

Diet Plan for Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians


Abanana sandwich alongwith 2 small slices of whole meal bread and a small banana.This should be taken along with a two hundred millilitre glass of fruit juice.


Low fat fruit curd can be taken as a morning snack. It should be about a hundred grams.


1 wholemeal veg roll (about forty five grams) filled with vegetables (for vegetarians) orseventy grams of tuna for non-vegetarians (canned in brine) and ten grams of reduced calorie mayonnaise. Mixed salad containing fifty grams of lettuce, fifty grams of sweet peppers and ten grams of spring onions can be used as an alternative for the vegetarian diet.


The evening calorie intake should be short and sweet. Therefore a desert serving of a cup of low calorie hot chocolate drink which is made with powder or water or a chocolate smoothiemay also be taken as one of the option of diet plan providing 1000 calories per day.


Roasted chicken which comes around seventy grams can be taken as a whole without skin for non-vegetarianswhereas eighty grams of potatoes, rice delicacies, thirty millilitres skimmed milk, sixty grams of broccoli, fifty grams of boiled carrot and a few vegetables are suitable for the vegetarian diet.

The diet plan providing 1000 calories per day is not for the faint hearted. An individual should be committed completely to this intense diet and should follow it for a short spell of time and should be supervised strictly by a registered health advisor.

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