How to Determine Your Body Frame Size?

How to Determine Your Body Frame Size

In the recent years there has been a growing trend of fitness consciousness among people. A large number of people have started going to gyms and are using gym equipments and diet charts to make them more fit. People are also trying to add in their diets the best food stuffs that can keep them healthy and energetic. The demand for health conscious food stuff and gym trainers has shot up exponentially. Gym has become a very good business and many people are starting their own gym as a cooperative. The demand for herbal body building supplements has also increased to a great extent.

Bodybuilders are nowadays much appreciated worldwide and younger people are now becoming more concerned about the body frame size that they possess. This has become a significant index of fitness in the recent years. It has beaten BMI a few months ago.

The first question that comes to mind after reading this is how to determine your body frame size. The body frame size of a person can be calculated after measuring a person's height and the girth of his wrist. It is basically the ratio of a person's height to his wrist circumference.

What is indicated by body frame size?

Body frame size of a person indicates the mass of the bones as opposed to the mass of muscles in the human body. It indicates whether a person is overweight, underweight or normal weight. It is a very helpful statistic that can be used in exercise decision making. Fitness experts use this index to help their clients find the best exercises that are suited their body.

Till now three frame sizes have been identified by experts which are small frame size, which can be seen especially in women; medium frame size, which can be seen in both men and women; and large frame size which is generally found in men.

In order to answer the question of how to determine your bodies frame one need to first measure the height and circumference of the wrist. There are two approaches:

  • The Wrist-Height Approach: In this approach the circumference of the wrist and the height of the person are to be measured. A tape can be used to measure the circumference of the wrist and a height meter to measure the height. Now the ratio is to be calculated. If the ratio is less than 0.5% then it is a clear case of small body frame. If the ratio is near to 1% (with a margin of 0.12% on each side) then it is a case of medium body frame and if the ratio is near or greater than 1.5% then it is a large body frame size.
  • The Elbow Breadth to Height Approach: This is a second method to answer the question of how to determine your bodies frame. In this approach the circumference of the elbow joint is to be measured. Then this is to be divided by the height of a person and the quotient is to be multiplied by 100 in order to arrive at a percentage. If the ratio is 5% then the case is of small frame. If it is near to 7.5% then it is medium frame and if it is around 10% then it is a large frame size.

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