Why Fat Loss Programs Fail and Ways to Make them Successful?

Why Fat Loss Programs Fail?

There is no rocket science to find out why fat loss programs fail to deliver results. Before we discuss the possible and commonly found reasons which make fat loss programs fail we should clarify that we are discussing genuine fat loss programs and not the ones which make extravagant claims to gain popularity. So, the first and perhaps the biggest reason why fat loss programs fail is that people get carried away by unrealistic claims and chose a wrong program. Marketing gimmicks most of the time take control of mind of people who are already frustrated and tired of excess weight and draw them into a program which is sure to fail in delivering claimed results, once people see that they are not gaining even fraction of the results which were promised, they give-up and lose their trust in the programs as well. But it is true that even genuine and good programs fail, and the reasons are mostly common but can be exceptional in some cases.

Programs are designed and developed by doctors, dieticians, physical trainers and other professional who possess vast experience and are experts in their field. Yet, any program cannot be developed which can suit to every individual living in any geographical location and coming from any background. Many a times, genetic factors and environment can shield the good effects of fat loss program and delay the results. It is extremely difficult to cover all the aspects of the problem in one single program as problem of obesity can be triggered due to innumerable causes. It is better that person may establish the cause of obesity beforehand and chose the program accordingly.

Health conditions are other major reasons which make fat loss programs to fail. Malfunctions of thyroid gland is one of the most common, people suffering with fluctuating level of thyroid hormone do not get quick results and get disappointed. Although, well designed programs do take commonly found health conditions in consideration, these programs design the diet plan which can curb side effects of the health problems promoting weight gain, yet many times the problem is graver to be controlled only through diet. In many cases it has been found that people opting fat loss program are not aware of any health condition they might be having. Again, establishing the cause of obesity beforehand can do the job and make fat loss programs work effectively.

Intemperance’s and not sticking to the schedule are other major reasons which make fat loss programs fail. The diet schedule and exercising regimen described in programs need regularity and discipline, people often want fun and weight-loss simultaneously, this is not possible and jeopardizes entire effort. Through entire duration of program one shall remain sincerely honest and should not shake away from schedules at all. Skipping exercises or performing these for lesser duration can mean a lot when it comes to losing weight, same is with diet, following diet plan for 6 days and letting yourself loose on Sundays or holidays does not allow good results to show-up.

Ignoring proper sleep and rest is also one of the major reasons for fat loss programs to fail. Many times people follow diet and exercising schedules strictly and honestly but due to work pressure or force of habit they do not take sufficient sleep or sound sleep. Remember body needs proper and sound sleep to recuperate and reenergize organs like brain, muscles, nerves and ligaments. Sleep is also very important for proper digestion and for glands which secrete vital hormones. Disturbed sleep or lack of sleep can be devastating and not only cause failure in weight-loss efforts but also harm health severely. Although quality fat loss programs describe very well putting lot of stress on sleep and rest yet people ignore it generally, if you are not taking enough sleep your efforts won’t bring fruitful results easily.

Reduce sedentary time during the day.This is another one of the very important factor which normally gets ignored. One easily feels satisfied by following dieting and exercising regimen described in fat loss programs, but in order to gain maximum benefits of these efforts one should stay reasonably active during remaining part of the day. Afternoon naps or gluing yourself to chair for entire day can waste the good effects of exercises and body may have unutilized calories which get accumulated as fat in the body. Make sure that you minimize your sedentary time during the day while following a fat loss program to get good results within stipulated time.

Do not ignore importance of proper balance between cardio and heavy exercises. In fat loss programs cardio exercises are given weightage over strength exercises, reason is that cardio exercises can maintain high rate of fat burn for longer period, it is also suggested that one should do cardio exercises first and strength exercises later. Do not ignore this pattern and duration of both types of exercises, there is good reason behind these and needs to be followed as per the book. Switching from cardio to strength exercises or changing the duration according to convenience also delay good results.

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