What Causes Child Obesity?

What Causes Child Obesity

Child obesity can be averted easily but if it is ignored it causes problem throughout life. At young age body is changeable and adaptable more than any other part of age, if parents pay attention to certain factors which quickly increase harmful fat in their child’s body he or she can easily stay slim and strong for longer period in life. Most of the causes of child obesity are avoidable, apart from genetic factors all can be prevented with some simple care and precautions. Some of the top causes of child obesity are as follows.

Eating habits play a very important role in determining one’s weight, it holds good even at young age too. Keep in check what your child is eating frequently. Chocolates, potato chips, candies, baked foods, cookies, soda, fast food etc., all are sources of unhealthy calories which get accumulated in the body as fat and increase weight. These foods are addictive as well.People who get addicted to these foods at young age find very hard to give-up these even at later age. It is much wise to protect your child from falling into habit of these kinds of foods as these are major causes of child obesity.

Proper nutrition is another factor which if gets ignored causes obesity. It is necessary to protect body from unhealthy calories but at the same time it is equally important that young and growing body gets enough and optimum nutrition. Children not eating healthy food and complete diet on regular basis become lethargic and less active, lesser physical activity is one of the major causes of child obesity. Proper nutrition not only keep child energized and active but also protects him from diseases and ailments by maintaining strong immunity.Prepare an environment which encourages your child to eat healthy, remove harmful junk food from refrigerator and replace these with fruits and wholegrain items. Encourage drinking fruit juice, milk or buttermilk in place of beverages or soda drinks. These are easy ways to avoid weight gain in children.

Check what is interesting your child, like fast food and junk food video games and TV are addictive too and are major causes of child obesity. These gadgets and games increase sedentary time during the day, these keep child involved and keep him sitting at one place for long hours. Not only these things are harmful for senses like eyes and ears but also hinder mental growth and certainly harm physical growth very adversely. Ensure that your child use these as less as possible.

Lack of participation in outdoor activities and games are other causes of child obesity. Many modern cities have little spaces for children to play safely, studies and all also keep them involved, all of these spare a very little time for child to go out and sweat himself out. Parents should always find a way out of this situation and ensure child’s physical activity. This will keep child’s mental and physical growth sound and also prevent weight gain effectively.

Poor emotional status is another one of the prime causes of obesity. Always talk to his teachers and also check his relationship with friends and people around him. If child is under stress, fear or suffers with anxiety he will eat more and gain weight. Healthy emotional status is very necessary for child's all round growth and poor emotional health is one of the causes of obesity.

Health conditions are other causes of obesity. Metabolic disorders like high blood sugar or hypothyroidism increase weight rapidly. Keeping an eye on child’s health is very necessary. These problems if not treated not only increase weight but also dent child’s physical growth severely.

Obesity has powerful genetic component, if obesity runs in the family children in the families carry genes which if signalled at any point of life will increase weight. It is not necessary that children having obesity in their family are bound to become over-weight, by eating healthy diet and maintaining healthy lifestyle the fat-increasing genes can be kept dormant and weight gain can be avoided effectively.

Sleep disturbances are serious causes of obesity. Lack of sleep causes hormonal fluctuations which disturb metabolism and promote weight gain. Children along with physical activities need sleep for longer duration than adults. Mostly children living in small houses suffer with sleep disturbances due to untimely bustle and late night or early morning household chores. Ensuring timely and proper sleep can prevent child from gaining unwanted weight, also take care that your child does not stay awake till late in the night. Medically it is proven that HGH gets released in maximum quantity when person is asleep during early hours of night. Allowing child to stay awake devoid his body of this vital hormone and hinders physical growth and promotes weight gain. Avoid sleeping during the day; this is one of the major causes of child obesity and also promotes weight gain even in adults.

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