How to Avoid Weight Gain During and After Pregnancy?

Avoid Weight Gain During and After Pregnancy

Most of the women suffer with growing weight during pregnancy; this puts further strain over body and is harmful for overall health. Minor weight gain during pregnancy is expected. Pregnant women can gain from 20-45 pounds during nine months which is normal and can be brought down easily to ideal bodyweight after delivery. But in many cases women gain excess weight and become seriously over-weight. This excess weight not only causes complications during delivery but also takes huge effort after delivery to come back to normal weight. However certain tips and precautions work very well to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Check amount of your diet: Women have this in mind that they are having a new life in their body and they need to eat more to provide it sufficient food. However the baby growing inside is just a small part of mother's body which does not need food as much as an adult. Medically pregnant women need 150 calories extra for initial 3-4 months and extra 300 calories in later months. Planning your diet according to this will prevent intake of extra calories which increases weight rapidly.

Be selective while eating: Pregnant women need complete nutrition but only eating right kind of foods can provide proper nutrition. Stuffing your stomach with high sugar, high fat and high carb diet will always increase weight. Eat fibre rich diet as it will keep stomach full and will maintain proper digestion; fibre rich foods also suppress cravings to eat frequently which is one of the major reasons for weight gain during pregnancy. Right kind of food is very effective way to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Maintain physical activity

Women who are used to exercise before becoming pregnant can continue mild exercises during pregnancy as well, but those who did not, shall also stay active during the day. Perform some household activities regularly which do not over-strain you and make you exhausted. Staying active during the day will help body to maintain digestion and bowel movements and will also burn extra calories which you might have consumed. Doctors also suggest that healthy physical activities during pregnancy help in smooth deliveries. Maintaining activity is good way to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Check your sleeping hours

Women commonly suffer with sleeplessness during pregnancy. There are many reasons which easily reduce sleeping hours and cause hormonal fluctuations. Lack of proper and sound sleep is another one of the major causes of obesity. Do not take support of sedatives or tranquilizers, etc. These will do more harm than benefit. Choose natural ways like warm water bath, using calming essential oils and herbal teas. Maintaining healthy and sound sleep throughout pre-natal phase is effective and avoids weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Ensure optimum water intake

Constipation is inevitable during pregnancy. It slows down digestion as well and causes very frustrating bloating. Optimum water intake is one of the easiest ways to reduce these symptoms to a large extent. Proper hydration maintains healthy bowel movements and smooth digestion. This also prevents excessive eating by suppressing hunger pangs. Maintain intake of 10-12 glasses of water every day to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Eat healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are best friends of a pregnant woman. These prevent nausea and bloating to keep things calm. But eating carbs through white bread, rice or pasta can raise blood sugar and promote rapid weight gain. Instead of these eat complex carbohydrates provided by food items like brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain breads and pastas. These will prevent nausea and vomiting, provide better nutrition to baby and will stay in digestive system longer to prevent frequent eating. Foods providing complex carbs are good ways to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Maintain healthy eating regime

Though it is difficult but if mother-to-be can maintain habit of eating breakfast it can be a very important step to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy. Breakfast gives a boost to digestion and stimulate metabolism. It also helps in metabolizing fat for energy and keeps stomach free of excessive gas and acids to a large extent.


Revisit old hobbies. These will keep you involved mentally and move your focus from minor physical problems. The best part is that these will keep you moving without causing any frustration. Do not switch to hobbies which lead to inactivity like music but the ones which make you physically active without causing much strain, for instance, kitchen gardening is one of the excellent ways to avoid weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Check your medicines

Sometimes medicines also help in gaining weight. Always be watchful regarding your weight and discuss with the gynaecologist if you feel that any particular medicine might be promoting fat. Proper medication helps in maintaining healthy fat metabolism and avoids weight gain during and after pregnancy.

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