Slimming Diet for Fat Loss, Weight Loss Foods

Slimming Diet for Fat Loss

There is no magic food which can reduce weight overnight; reducing weight through diet is planned and long term approach which needs discipline and strict control. People often follow slimming diet for fat loss for certain period but shake away due to cravings for two three days. This indiscipline is costly as it jeopardizes entire efforts made so far. Food plays most important role in determining one's obesity. Eating right kind of diet on regular basis certainly brings down weight; weight loss foods promote higher fat metabolism, higher calorie burn, lower toxicity level and energize entire body. These benefits reduce level of accumulated fat and prevent fat deposition to bring down weight in healthy manner and improve body's stamina, fitness level and energy.

Slimming diet for fat loss includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are high on fibre, and nutrients and minerals; these are low on glycemic index and possess minimum fat. Healthy diet plan also supplements good fat to the body. It is not that all type of fats are harmful, HDL is reckoned as good fat which burns to produce energy and also provide flexibility to tissues and muscles of the body. Here we describe weight loss foods with many options; you can choose different fruits and vegetables according to taste but do not move away from specified diet. This is weekly plan which you need to follow for one week strictly and restart after a gap of 2 to 3 days. Make sure that during this gap you still avoid junk, fatty and processed food completely.

For first day you need to stay on fruit diet. Choose fruits of your choice but do not drink fruit juices and avoid banana, grapes, mangoes and litchi. You can eat as many times you want but choose from fruits like watermelon, orange, grapefruit, apples, lime, avocado, pomegranate, papaya, etc. Consume at least 8 glasses of water during the day.

On second day, you need to consume all type of vegetables with limited intake of potato. You are allowed to eat one boiled and mashed potato with a teaspoon of butter in the morning so that you get enough doses to stay energized during the day. During rest of the day eat boiled vegetables of your choice and drink 8 glasses of water at least. In this slimming diet for fat loss it is calorie free day which will push your body to burn deposited fat for energy fulfilment.

On day 3, combine content of day one and two, i.e. eat fruits avoiding bananas, mangoes, grapes and litchi, and one potato during the day along with all type of vegetables. Drink 8 glasses of water necessarily and you cannot drink fruit juices or buttermilk.

These fat loss foods till now did not allow you to eat banana, but on day 4 you shall eat 6 bananas during the day and drink four glasses of milk. You can make banana shake or consume this much quantity of banana and milk in any other way you wish. At night prepare a diluted soup with capsicum, garlic, onion and tomatoes, but remember you are allowed to drink just one cup of this soup in the day and dilute it as much as possible.

Day 5 is for tomato soup, you are allowed to drink 3 to 4 cups of tomato soup during the day but do not consume more than 6 tomatoes in entire day. Add soy nuggets, cottage cheese and green vegetables of your choice and you are also allowed to add garlic and ginger. Also avoid onion in the soup. This day onwards you need to increase your water intake from 8 glasses to 12 glasses so that your diet for fat loss doesn't fail.

On day 6 you need to avoid tomatoes completely and eat sprouts, cottage cheese and boiled or steamed vegetables as much as you want during the day. Prepare soup or eat them dry whichever way you feel good. Water intake has to be more than 10-12 glasses.

Day 7 is relaxing than previous days, today you can drink a glass of fruit juice of your choice and eat a cup of brown rice during lunch and dinner and a piece of wheat bread without butter. Cook rice with minimum oil or butter and add veggies liberally. Maintain water intake up to 10 to 12 glasses during the day.

To gain maximum benefits of this slimming diet for fat loss avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and beverages completely. If you wish you can drink sugar less black or green tea and black coffee. If you can perform mild workout for 45 minutes it will bring even better results. Give a gap of 2-3 days but do not go overboard during this relaxation period, avoid junk foods and overeating completely. Switch back to diet plan again and within 1 to 2 months you will see substantial and measurable change in your weight and fitness.

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