What to Do If the Rate of Weight Loss Is Too Slow?

Rate of Weight Loss Is Too Slow

If you are following a fat loss program to lose weight or you are trying it yourself you shall always keep a regular check at the rate of progress i.e. how much weight you are losing every week. It is an established fact that overweight people tend to lose weight quickly in initial one or two weeks, but this rate can diminish to an extent during next few weeks. In case of people who are near-healthy weight the rate may remain slower as compared to obese people. However if rate of weight loss is too slow you need to revisit the entire dietary and exercising regimen and also analyse it fully to find out where you are lacking. There are few points which can help to pin-point the problem quickly.

It is very helpful if you get the real problem of obesity diagnosed before going for weight-loss regimen. Sometimes people assume that due to lack of physical activity, age, diet or pregnancy etc. they have become over-weight, but in many cases real problem lies elsewhere. It can be due to health condition, medication or maybe it was already in your genes and you have triggered these genes into activity recently. If you know the cause of the problem you can handle it better, fat loss programs and other measures if do not consider the cause of the problem these may not reduce weight at normal pace and take more time to show their effects.

If you are following any fat loss program and still rate of weight loss is too slow, it is viable to get it cross-checked, the cross-checking can be done as per your health condition and cause of obesity, or it can be in terms of your discipline and regularity. Some times food items described in fat loss programs are not available easily at a particular location, if you have replaced few food items by your own choice and understanding, discuss about this with any dietician. There are chances that you might have chosen something which is shielding good effects of your efforts.

Check your sleeping hours and quality of sleep if you see that rate of weight loss is too slow. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep both can jeopardize weight-loss efforts by stimulating activities in the body which promote weight gain. Lack of sleep causes hormonal fluctuations; it also causes slowness in digestion and increase toxicity level of the body. Slow metabolism and poor hormonal secretion can reduce rate of weight loss considerably. If a person is unable to sleep for sufficient duration body cannot recuperate from stress, over stress can cause muscular atrophy and reduces muscular endurance, weaker muscles reduce duration of exercises and make you feel tired very soon to cause slow weight loss. Slow metabolism is unable to utilize all the benefits provided by healthy diet, this further increases weakness in the body and blunt the efficacy of fat loss program in reducing weight.

Ensure optimum water intake. Lesser water intake can be a cause if rate of weight loss is too slow. Human body contains water in large percentage, if it loses water on regular basis in substantial amount and does not get enough later, it starts storing it in cells of the body. Over-hydrated cells prevent weight loss by making tissues bulkier and heavier. Any healthy adult person shall consume at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. Also take a note that you do not drink cold water for at least 1 or 2 hours after meals, always prefer normal water. Drinking cold water immediately after meals slows down digestion and reduce rate of calorie burn. One should not count number of glasses he or she consumed of fruit juices or other drinks, body needs pure water to stay hydrated and maintain digestion and rate of calorie burn.

Maintain a proper balance between cardio and strength exercises. Higher muscle mass cause higher calorie burn and also provides vitality and strength to the body. But in order to lose weight cardio exercises are fitter and better, these exercises maintain higher rate of calorie burn even when person is resting and enhance flow of energy in the body. On the other hand weight training or other types of strength exercises do not cause calorie burn in higher volume unless these are done in some special way. Check that whether you are performing enough cardio exercises if rate of weight loss is too slow.

Check your medication if rate of weight loss is too slow. There are many medicines which have side effect of promoting weight gain, these medicines cause slowness in metabolism, or deplete energy levels to slow down rate of losing weight. Some medicines can alter hormonal level too like birth control pills, sedatives etc. Consult your doctor and discuss about the side effects of prescribed medicines. Try to stay active during the day, longer sedentary time during the day also causes slow weight loss and delay good effects of diet control and exercises.

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