Negative Calorie Foods for Quick Fat Loss

Negative Calorie Foods for Quick Fat Loss

Negative calorie foods are those foods which burn more calories than they contain, replacing foods containing calories by negative calorie foods not only prevent you from gaining calories but also burn down some extra calories. These are considered as great foods for quick fat loss. Some of the easily available negative calorie foods are listed here from which you can choose and include them in your regular diet to bring down weight.


This fruit is more than 60% water, the remaining roughage is rich source of fibre which boosts up digestion and makes you feel full. Eating these foods supplies good amount of pectin which not only makes one feel full but also prevents hardening of arteries and heart diseases. Grapefruit juice is a quick source of energy, whenever during the day you feel low and down on energy drinking a glass of grapefruit juice can give a boost to your energy levels. Eating grapefruit will burn more calories than what you gain from it, this is why it is classified as negative calorie food and is recommended as one of the effective foods for quick fat loss.


Like grapefruit celery too is negative calorie food majorly water and remaining fibre, this vegetable contains 75% of water and also supplements wide range of nutrients. It supplements fibre hence keeps your hunger satisfied for longer duration and boost-up your metabolism. Celery is source of vitamin C, A and K and also supplements anti-oxidants, it is effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases and keep blood vessels healthy. This vegetable is also one of the useful foods for quick fat loss.


This leafy green vegetable is second to none and is one of the wonderful foods for quick fat loss. This vegetable too contains large percentage of water and is rich source of fibre. In fact all types of green leafy vegetables are negative calorie foods as these consume more calories and supplement less. Eating one meal during the day comprising of green leafy vegetables is very effective way to shed excess fat and gain slimmer body. These are sources of nutrients as well, Spinach and Kale take lot of time to digest and pushes body to burn more calories, and these are sources of vital nutrients as well.

Lean meat

It is not that only veggies are negative calorie foods, lean meats like turkey, chicken and low fat pork are also foods for quick fat loss as these burn more calories during digestion than what these supplement. Lean meat is rich source of protein which takes lot of time to digest, longer it takes to digest less you eat between meals and control calorie intake. Lean meats boost metabolism temporarily which causes calorie burn even when body is resting.


As the name has it this fruit has large percentage of water and fibre. This also supplements lycopene a type of antioxidant which protects body from various types of cancers. Watermelon is one of the negative calorie foods which gives a boost to metabolism and promotes calorie burn. Eating watermelon on regular basis provides optimum dosage of vitamin B which produces more energy and reduces need for more food. It is one of the popular foods for quick fat loss.


Fat-free and without sugar yoghurt is one of the most easily available foods for quick fat loss. There are different varieties of yoghurt available in the market one should be sure that the kind of yoghurt he is consuming does not have any fat or sugar. This dairy product although contains more calories than various other negative calorie foods but still helps body in burning down more calories than it supplements. The bigger advantage is its efficacy in keeping bones healthy and bowel movements regular by improving functions of guts.

Red chilli powder

This spice on consumption increases metabolic rate of the body for a while causing more calorie burn, it supplements very small amount of calories hence work as foods for quick fat loss. This spice can be used in cooking or can be sprinkled over cup of yoghurt or salad. Most of the people were able to suppress cravings to eat after consuming red chilli powder with meals.


This red vegetable apart from working as foods for quick fat loss provide numerous other health benefits. A plate of salad containing slices of one or two tomatoes can supplement compounds which prevent formation of cancerous cells. It is highly effective in preventing prostrate cancer one of the biggest killers in modern world.


This fruit is rich source of many nutrients and minerals and also stays for longer duration in stomach. One apple every day can burn more calories than one can get from it and also removes deficiencies of various vital nutrients from the body. It helps in keeping body energized and stronger.


These are rich source of vitamin C and delay tissue ageing. Large percentage of this fruit is water and rest contains good amount of fibre. Orange juice is wonderful to get instant energy and also keeps body hydrated.

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