Natural Therapies for Fat Loss, Lose Weight in a healthy Way

Natural Therapies for Fat Loss

Diet control and exercises are recommended to lose weight and hit the ideal weight, but these methods require discipline and regularity. People often fail because they are unable to maintain regularity. Natural therapies for fat loss come in handy for those who due to any reason are unable to gain ideal body weight and shape. These therapies provide results faster when combined with healthy diet and exercises. For those who are near ideal weight but want to become perfect these natural therapies for fat loss can work without any support.

While taking these therapies one should never ignore importance of diet and lifestyle, if one wants to gain healthy weight nutritious diet and active lifestyle is a must. These therapies work by balancing body’s energy flow, removing toxins, resurrecting lethargic systems, energizing organs and by increasing will power. Taking support of these therapies is safe and increase effects of diet and lifestyle, some of the popular therapies are given below.


This is one of the popular natural therapies for fat loss which has roots in ancient china. Actually this is system of treatment which believes that energy flow gets blocked in the body creating an imbalance, this energy has pathways referred as meridians and according to this system human body has 14 meridians in total. Blockage in any meridian causes weakness in related organs and slowness in vital systems of the body. This therapy has been found very useful in reducing excessive hunger and improving metabolism. Both these effects of acupuncture are very useful in losing excess weight. Controlled eating suppress excessive calorie intake while improved metabolism promotes higher calorie burn even when person is physically inactive.

Almost similar to acupuncture is acupressure. Both of these are confused as same natural therapies for fat loss but these are different. Conceptually these appear very close but one uses syringes to puncture different points to promote smooth flow of energy in meridians while another just utilizes massage and pressure. Acupressure is more popular as it is easy to perform and once person has gained expertise can perform with the help of another person at home. Both of these are very effective natural therapies for fat loss as these reduce excessive calorie intake, promote better fat metabolism and improve digestion by relieving problems like constipation etc.


This is ancient Indian system of staying fit physically as well as mentally. Yoga describes poses and exercises which can be performed by anyone at any age, some precautions are needed and proper guidance is required before starting to avoid any sort of harm. Those who are obese or gaining weight can utilize immense range of benefits of Yoga not only to lose weight but to invigorate their physical and mental capabilities. There are certain poses and exercises in Yoga which help body in eliminating toxins, digest food quickly, improve supply of energy all over the body and burn more calories during the day. This also promotes conscious eating and prevents over-eating. It strengthens organs and improves performance of vital systems of the body and keep a person fitter and younger for longer period in life. Yoga also focuses on improving physical strength along with slim and lean body. People who suffer with extremely high or low blood pressure or serious heart conditions may need to take some precautions before starting otherwise it is quiet safe for men and women of all ages.


This may not fit into exact definition of natural therapies for fat loss because it is system of living. This suggests dietary changes and inclusion of certain type of foods in regular diet along with spices and herbs to stay fitter, healthier and energized. This provides very useful remedies to bring down excessive fat by eating right; through these remedies it improves digestive, cardio, circulatory, excretory and respiratory system of the body.It also eliminates toxins and supplements compounds which keep organs energized and enduring and also delay process of ageing. There are several types of massages described in Ayurveda which expel toxins out of the system and promote weight loss by promoting smooth and higher blood flow. Certain therapies like mud therapy are also part of Ayurveda which work as natural therapies for fat loss and also for improving health and vitality.


This too is one of the popular natural therapies for fat loss. One needs an expert to take this therapy and needs several sessions. In each session hypnotist take the person in a state of deep sleep and persuade his subconscious mind to bring diet control and physical activity. This is very beneficial for individuals who are obese due to excessive eating or lack of physical activity and are unable to curb these by their will power.

One should always support these therapies with diet control and exercises, in the cases where person is too obese these need regularity and discipline as well. However results obtained from these are long-lasting and one can enjoy them for longer period in life by keeping control over diet and maintaining active lifestyle.

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