Major Causes of Obesity, Risk Factors

Major Causes of Obesity

Obesity is like pandemic these days. It is source of many serious health problems and is spreading fast. People even at younger age get affected with the problem commonly. There are many causes of obesity but few are seen commonly. Here are few chosen from top of the list.

Obesity has strong genetic component but it also true that it is not entirely predetermined by genes. The kind of signals one sends to genes make particular type of genes active and dominant. But it has been found that obesity runs in the families. Over-weight parents may have over-weight offspring if not early in age than may be later, by lineage one can certainly find out that he or she has tendency to become fatter if proper care is not taken. Genetics are the major causes of obesity.

Insulin hormone is vital for producing energy; this hormone takes sugar from blood and stores it in the cells for energy production. Higher level of insulin due to insulin resistance or poor diet can cause obesity by promoting faster fat gain. This hormone apart for regulating sugar in blood also tells fat cells to store fat. When insulin is in higher amount, due to insulin resistance, it stores fat in cells rather than making it available to produce energy. Higher insulin level is one of the common risk factors of obesity.

Higher sugar intake is another one of the major risk factors of being obese. There are many other types of foods which increase weight but sugar is particularly harmful as it changes hormonal secretion and biochemistry of the body. Excessive sugar intake causes higher insulin level and leptin resistance which promote weight quickly and aggressively.

Slow digestion and higher toxicity levels go hand in hand; people suffering with irregular bowel movements and poor digestion tend to get obese. The reason is frequent hunger prangs and false hunger alarms. These hunger alarms push a person to eat at regular intervals and fill-in excessive calories which increase weight. Improper digestion and higher toxicity level in the body due to medication, etc. are common risk factors.

Lethargic lifestyle is another one of the common causes of obesity. Body needs to burn calories obtained from diet. If these calories remain unutilized these increase fat content in body,people in sitting jobs or leading inactive lifestyle tend to have broader waistline in a short time. It has been noted that inactivity can increase waistline even in those who are not prone to suffer with obesity and consume controlled diet.

These days, offices and homes have temperature control. People spend most of their time of the day in controlled temperature which is soothing, and one can notice that even gyms have air-conditioning. When body experiences hot or cold weather conditions it burns calories to maintain body temperature. These days it has come down to minimum which also contributes in causing weight gain silently and consistently. This too is one of the major causes of obesity.

The change in lifestyle and working pattern has brought in another major factor into play which has become one of the serious causes of being obese. People easily get addicted to harmful foods and drinks, coffee, tea, beverages, junk food which are easily available and work as stress busters for people working for long hours or at improper timings like at night, etc. become part of daily and regular diet. These foods play a major role in increasing weight and are common risk factors of obesity.

Medicines which are used commonly and sometimes indiscriminately also play a role in increasing weight and are regarded as the major causes of obesity. Birth control pills, NSAIDs, anti-depressants, steroids, etc. are few to name which are used by people for treating minor problems. Most of these medicines in one way or another disturb hormonal balance or harm digestive or circulatory system of the body to promote weight gain.

Availability of food items which can be classified as junk food or which contain high concentration of preservatives and fructose, are other causes of being overweight or obese. These types of foods have longer shelf life and can be preserved as fresh for longer period. When people find only such foods and drinks to eat they become addicted to these and add to their fat level consistently.

Sleep deprivation is another one of the major risk factors of obesity. Sleeplessness or insomnia has many causes but most of these are avoidable. Nuclear families, fragile economic security, emotional insecurity, jumbled daily routine, long and unpredictable working hours all are commonly found causes of insomnia which are gifts of modern lifestyle. Lack of proper and sound sleep throw hormonal balance off within few days, lack of vital hormones in body causes weight gain prominently and quickly.

There are numerous other reasons of obesity and these differ from person to person. The ones explained here are the ones which have been found most common. One should always take a good note of diet, physical activity and genetics before concluding cause of obesity.

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