Top 10 Diet Tips for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

Top 10 Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

You do not have to go on a crash diet to lose weight; starving yourself can only lead to weakness and not healthy weight loss. The secret of losing weight through diet control lies in eating nutritious and healthy diet which supplements healthy calories in place of unhealthy ones. It is also about timing and frequency of meals, and of course the type of foods you eat. If all of these factors fall in right place you can lose weight quickly and in healthy manner through diet control. Some of the trusted diet tips for healthy weight loss are as follows.

Eat as early as possible, do not stay hungry or on an empty stomach till late after waking-up. Empty stomach in the morning can cause gas and acid build-up which may not allow you to eat properly during lunch. These problems also lead to indigestion or slowness in digestion. Slow digestion is one of the major causes of obesity. Give your metabolism a kick start by eating something early in the morning. Starting your day with a glass of warm water with juice of one lemon is best thing for cleansing your digestive system. Follow these two diet tips for fast and healthy weight loss.

Do not avoid snacking between meals to avoid weight gain. People often skip breakfast and lunch and eat a heavy dinner to compensate. This puts huge pressure over your digestive system, makes metabolism slower and also initiates delayed insulin response which may lead to diabetes. Eat healthy snacks, you can choose sprouts or dry roasted grams, nuts like almonds, pistachios etc. to calm down hunger prangs and keep metabolism rate higher. Eating healthy snack two or three times in a day works as one of the useful diet tips for fast and healthy weight loss.

If you tend to eat more than you need during meals which just nullify your efforts you made in the gym, here are couple of effective diet tips for fast and healthy weight loss. Use smaller plates to eat, larger plates can accommodate more food while smaller less, so if you will need to refill your plate that will give you few seconds to realize how much you have eaten and whether you really need more or not. Another very good tip to eat less during meals is to serve in restaurant style, do not bring entire food to the dining table. Just take in your platter and finish it before you come back to kitchen for a refill. This too will give you a breather and seconds to think whether you need more or not.

Chewing well is very important while eating.It also works as one of the good diet tips for fast and healthy weight loss. Take smaller morsels and chew them well before swallowing, eating in a hurry can slow down your metabolism and even cause acid reflux. The saliva which gets mixed in mouth also helps in breaking down complex food items and allows smooth digestion. Make food almost watery in your mouth before swallowing.

Selection of food items is very necessary, eating right kind of foods and fruits are most effective diet tips for fat and healthy weight loss. Consume fruits and veggies more, eat steamed or boiled vegetables avoiding potato. You can eat one potato in a day but not more than that and eat it in the morning so that you utilize all the calories it supplements. Spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, tomatoes, and all green leafy vegetables are excellent for gaining nutrition without fat. All type of fruits can be eaten to lose weight, but drink fruit juices in controlled quantity. If you are obese avoid grapes and mangoes.

All type of fats are not bad, high density lipoprotein are good fats and even convert low density fats in to energy. Do not hesitate to dress your salad and soups with olive oil and coconut oil. Use red chilli powder in meals it is negative calorie food. Include spices like garlic, ginger, cinnamon, coriander fresh and dry in cooking to help your metabolism. All of these are good diet tips for fast and healthy weight loss.

Keep few things ready in the kitchen for mid-day hunger, particularly on holidays. Wholegrain bread or whole wheat pasta, quinoa, oats, brown rice and millet are few things which are nutritious, easy to digest and low on fat and sugar. Include these in regular diet to lose weight.

Replace tea, coffee with green tea, if you do not like the taste switch to black tea or coffee without sugar. These supplement antioxidants and are low on fat. Drinking tea and coffee with sugar adds lots of calories during the day, avoiding these works as good diet tips for fast and healthy weight loss.

Drink plenty of water.Ensure that you consume 10-12 glasses of water apart from fruit juices and tea or coffee in a day. Body needs proper hydration and if does not get it starts storing it in cells which increase weight.

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