How to Prevent Child Obesity? Effective Methods

How to Prevent Child Obesity

Obesity has powerful genetic component and is highly proportional to diet. Parents who are obese shall be extra careful of their children right from their young age to keep them away from this problem, even those who are not over-weight need to take care of what their child is eating and how much is he or she physically active to prevent weight gain. It has been found that obesity being prevented at young age helps immensely in staying fit and slim at later age.

It is not difficult to prevent child obesity. Simple tips and rules if followed with strictness and discipline can prevent child obesity easily and bless your child with good mental and physical health. The job of preventing weight gain in children or making them slimmer and thinner is far easier than adults. There are many reasons, out of which the most important one is that young bodies are adaptable and changeable than older ones. Second reason is mental status. Children do not carry loads of tension and worries in their minds. Instead, they stay mentally focussed on the act they love to do and can do it over and over again. These two factors make fighting back child obesity easier than adult obesity.

Strength enhancing and cardio exercises are most suitable answer of how to prevent child obesity. Strength exercises cause muscle enlargement and bring them into proper shape. Muscle tissues consume more calories to stay energized and strong than fat tissues. So if your child gains on muscles he will surely utilize more calories than usual even when he is inactive and resting. Cardio exercises are good for heart and blood vessels. These also improve respiratory system and increase supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. These exercises promote sound physical and mental growth and also improve stamina to keep child physically active and mentally sharp and alert. Basic weight training, push-ups, rope swinging, running, swimming, aerobics and yoga are good exercises which are fun too to prevent child from gaining weight but gain sound physical and mental development.

Ensure proper nutrition, discourage attraction towards junk food and mind his or her normal daily routine. Children naturally get attracted towards sugary and starchy food items. Do not hesitate in discussing with them the harmful effects of these kind of food items and benefits of healthy food. Parents often believe that their child is too young to understand and they either try to lure him or try to cheat to encourage him to eat healthy, none of these bring results. Convince your child first and then encourage him to eat healthy food. Talk him out of aura of chocolate, potato chips and burger ads. Mind his normal daily routine, even if he exercises but remains physically inactive during rest of the day then exercises alone cannot help. Allow him outdoors within protected range and let him sweat out. Minimize use of video games, carom, or any other indoor activities. Develop his interest in any outdoor game. These are excellent ways to prevent child obesity which give benefits throughout life.

Lead by example. Children would not trust your advices and instructions if they see you doing opposite. If you want them to exercise regularly accompany them and participate actively. If you ask them to eat healthy follow diet control and stay away from junk and unhealthy food yourself. This way not only you will improve your health but will also sow good habits in your child's personality. Always keep a check on your child's weight and height. This will give you clear insight about his physical growth and how well it is shaping-up. Indeed one of the effective methods to prevent child obesity.

Medication and particularly self-medication is one of the most harmful habits which parents have. Do not jump on to medicine drawer moment your child sneezes or coughs; start with something natural or herbal instead. You can go to any herbal medicine practitioner for advice and keep few things ready in kitchen, which are used as medicines for many minor ailments. Some medicines which are used indiscriminately at homes are biggest culprits for promoting weight gain. Parenting needs lots of patience. It is easily understandable that child waking-up at night due to cold and cough can disturb sleep of parents as well who may need to wake up early next day, so a cough syrup or something like that is quickest and easiest way out of trouble. Once in a while it is all right but avoid over-exposing your child to strong medicines or without doctor's advice. Minimize use of medicines like NSAIDs, antibiotics, sedatives, etc. as much as possible these are necessary ways to prevent child obesity.

Create environment at home to do your work yourself. This will keep children active. Along with physical activities also ensure that your child gets proper and restful sleep. Check his sleeping place if that is good enough to provide him comfortable sleep for sufficient duration. Ensure proper and plenty of water intake, check his water bottle after school and keep an eye on his water intake at home. All of these steps are sure shot ways to prevent child obesity.

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