Health Hazards of Obesity, Troubles of Being Overweight

Health Hazards of Obesity

Obesity is the source of many diseases and ailments. Some of these are even life-threatening and others are highly debilitating. People are becoming more and more conscious about their weight and body-mass index due to their harmful effects on health. Here we have chosen some of the commonly found and most inevitable health hazards of obesity which can shorten a person's life expectancy and can raise life-threatening condition at any point of time.

Hypertension or high blood pressure

This is one of the most commonly found troubles of being overweight. Higher cholesterol level in body reduces diameter of blood vessels because fat gets accumulated over the walls. Shortened space for blood to flow puts pressure on heart which urges it to pump blood with more pressure. Higher pressure of blood in blood vessels is a condition called as hypertension. Regular high level of blood pressure causes weakness in heart muscles, enlarges heart, weakens blood vessels and makes a person prone to suffer with heart attack, heart failure and haemorrhage.

Diabetes type 2 or high blood sugar

Pancreas produces insulin which metabolizes blood sugar, as the person grows in weight demand for insulin increases. Pancreas tries to make-up for increased demand and after certain limits their cells burn out creating insufficiency of insulin and insulin resistance in the body. Merely 15% reduction in weight can eliminate diabetes type 2 which is promoted by obesity. But if left uncontrolled, diabetes causes severe weakness and damage vital organs of the body like kidneys, heart and eyes and harm nerves of the body. Diabetes of type 2 is another commonly found health hazards of obesity.

Cardiovascular diseases

Growing weight puts load on heart and gives rise to coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure. It increases volume of blood output and causes problems like fatty heart, left ventricular hypertrophy and left arterial hypertrophy. Shedding 14 Kgs of weight can decrease the pressure on heart to half. Cardiovascular diseases or CVD are other troubles of being overweight.


Obese people are prone to suffer with various types of cancers. Cancer of esophagus, prostrate, kidney, rectum, breast, blood and colon are quite common in obese people. Minor reduction in weight like 15 kilos can reduce chances of various cancers substantially. Colon and rectum cancers promoted by obesity cause maximum number of deaths worldwide and are most dangerous health hazards of obesity.


This arthritis is also called degenerative arthritis, it occurs due to degeneration of bones which causes joint deformity. Age is natural process which causes osteoarthritis but obesity can bring in this problem much earlier in age. The extra pressure applied on bones and joints by excess fat present in the body causes faster wear and tear of bones and joint deformity. Osteoarthritis keeps on growing and causes joint immobility, excess weight brings it at much faster rate. Osteoarthritis is another one of the commonly found hazards of being overweight.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

It affects large number of people and is one of the dangerous hazards of being overweight. Fatty liver is caused mainly by dyslipidemia and hypertension initiated by obesity. If left untreated fatty liver turns into cirrhosis which is highly dangerous condition and reduces life expectancy drastically.

Obstructive sleep apnoea

This is another one of the common hazards of being obese. Disturbed sleep has been found quite commonly in obese people. It can be due to obstruction in breathing and clogged airways or due to higher acidic and gas formation. There are other reasons as well like poor flow of blood towards brain which causes sleep apnoea and hormonal fluctuations.

Gallbladder diseases

Obesity compounds chances of developing gall bladder disease. It is another one of the frustrating health hazards of obesity. Particularly after age of 40 over-weight people are at higher risk of developing gallbladder problems considerably. It affects women quite commonly than men but a large number of males also suffer with gallbladder problems due to being over-weight.

Mental health

Problems related to mental health are other troubles of obesity. People suffer with disturbed sleep and later with hormonal imbalance which leads to stress and increased irritability. Poor focus and lack of energy further add to the misery. Poor level of energy and reduced flow of blood can affect a person's memory and ability to recall.

Metabolic disorders

Hypertension, high blood sugar, slow metabolism, irregularity in bowel movements and higher toxicity level are few other hazards which bring premature aging and weakness in body. Excess weight brings all these problems and reduces life-expectancy of a person. It deteriorates quality of life and makes a person less efficient and vulnerable to other serious disorders and diseases.

All of these troubles are commonly found in over-weight people, but this is not end of the list, there can be many more. All one needs to do is to make little effort and bring some weight down to avoid all of these. Healthy lifestyle and controlled diet can be immensely beneficial and easily shed excess kilos off the body.

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