Fat Loss Programs and FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Fat Loss Programs and FAQs

Fat loss programs, which claim to make your body slimmer and shapely within a stipulated time, are being designed by experts and trainers who have done this for years. The collective experience of these experts is analysed and put into a step by step process which promotes weight loss. However there can be many questions in the mind of a common person and even certain doubts which need to be clarified to make one believe in the fat loss program he is following. Some frequently asked questions about fat loss programs are as follows.

Will I see positive results within the mentioned time?

Fat loss programs state a time schedule within which a person would be able to reduce a certain amount of his or her weight. This duration is calculated after making certain assumptions, these assumptions are mostly like that person would follow the program word by word as described and would never miss a day. Or that person is not over-weight beyond a certain limit and is fit enough to perform even strenuous exercises etc. Most of the times very few people out of thousands, are able to follow the program strictly and also possess physical fitness which responds to program perfectly. So even if any program, no matter how seriously, claims a time-line within which it can show desired or expected results, be ready for some delays. Every person is different and so his lifestyle, eating habits and physical constitution, and these things matter very much in bringing timely or delayed results. Even if one does not see exactly the kind of results he or she is expecting within claimed duration but can see measurable improvement, in our opinion program is working, it is just that your body is responding slowly or may be need little more time to pick-up.

Will I gain muscles while losing weight?

Men are generally obsessed with muscular body, and if they are making serious efforts they would love to gain an attractive, strong and muscular body along with weight loss. You need to check the fat loss program whether it claims to make you muscular too,the reason is that shedding weight is not always gaining muscles too.Though in most of the programs weight training and heavy exercises are recommended but in many these exercises are to bring muscles in shape and clear them from harmful toxins and acids which get accumulated in muscle tissues. Due to poor eating habits muscle tissues accumulate toxins which make them lethargic and weak; exercises reenergize muscles which promotes calorie burn. Most of the fat loss programs would stick to heavy exercises just to achieve higher calorie burn, so if you need muscle gain as well either you choose a program which takes care of both or you can take services of any trainer later to gain muscular body.

If I follow a program will I feel weak?

Many people fear about this, when they read about diet control and eating in a specified pattern it makes them feel that if they start this program they would face weakness which may hurt their work efficiency. This is completely false conclusion which people draw.Fat loss programs pay special stress on eating controlled diet and fewer times during the day but these programs also suggest type of diet and food items one should eat. These foods and diet plans are designed keeping in mind the energy requirements of the body. The diet described in weight-loss programs contains complete nutrition which body needs to stay energized and fit during entire day and to also possess sufficient energy to perform exercises. So, one should not avoid any fat loss program due to fear of weakness and lethargy.

Should I take dietary supplements along with fat loss programs?

If you have chosen a proper program it would not recommend dietary supplements, these can be harmful to few and any good weight-loss program would not recommend these generally. The diet control, eating pattern and diet plan described in weight-loss programs are good enough and more than sufficient to provide optimum nutrition and energy to the body without adding extra calories. Hence there is no need to take dietary supplements to lose weight and increase intensity of exercises.

Should I perform cardio exercises more than strength exercises?

It depends upon what one wants to achieve. If your motive is to lose weight quickly cardio exercises shall be given more time than strength exercises, because cardio exercises are fitter to burn down excess calories and deposited fat than strength exercises. The resting period between sets and exercises while performing weight training etc. does not keep fat burning rate always at a high which can burn calories in large number whereas cardio exercises keep fat burning rate on a high for 30-45 minutes even after exercises. To gain muscular body one needs to perform strength exercises on regular basis. Performing strength exercises after cardio exercises is the best way of burning down fat at faster rate and gain muscles alongside.

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