Child Obesity and Preventive Measures to Avoid It

Child Obesity and Preventive Measures

Child obesity is something which shall not be ignored at all. There are two most convincing reasons behind this, one, growing weight can be controlled much easily at young age than later age, and in most of the cases the reasons can be treated completely. Second reason is that curbing excess weight at young age helps a person throughout life to stay fitter and slimmer. Parents suffering with obesity need to give special attention to their child and keep an eye over his or her BMI index, obesity has strong genetic component and has been found to run in the families.

Do not conclude on your own, mostly parents just relate their child’s growth with children of his or her age and draw conclusion about his weight. It can be deceptive, different children show different growth patterns, some grow normally while some pick-up growth few years later, children grow in spurts so it is better to take a doctor’s advice before concluding whether your child is obese or not. Once you find that your child is gaining weight there are few simple measures which you need to take to curb growing weight and reduce excess fat off his body.

Diet plays a very important role in curbing child obesity. One should not put children on a crash diet; this is bad for their growing body,as they are growing their body needs optimum nutrition and utilizes it completely. Just analyse the type of food your child is eating. Is he or she more inclined to eat junk, sugary or starchy food? If yes then you should talk to him regularly, explain the harmful effects of these kinds of foods. You can remove such food items from refrigerator and kitchen and replace them with fruits and healthy foods. Children at young age have cravings to eat chocolates, fast food, chips etc., these foods wipe-off their hunger and they do not feel like eating lunch or dinner. The best way is to avoid such foods at home and keep fresh fruits and wholegrain breads, oats and pasta etc. always available so that whenever child is hungry he or she is compelled to eat healthy food. Nutritious diet works very efficiently to counter child obesity.

Check his daily routine and physical activity. If avoiding unhealthy food at home is good, avoiding electronic gadgets is also a good step to fight back child obesity. Children easily become addictive to video games and enjoy them for long hours. They also get interested in watching TV very easily. All these habits reduce their physical activity; lesser physical activity means lesser calorie burn and growth in weight. Take him outdoors and if needed join him to play any outdoor game, get him involved in outdoor games like badminton, tennis, soccer etc. which require running and swift movements. These games will burn excess fat off and will also help in his physical and mental growth. Reducing sedentary time during the day is another very effective measure to prevent child obesity.

Allow your child to sleep for sufficient duration, make sure that he sleeps comfortably without getting disturbed. Human beings grow at young age because HGH or human growth hormone is secreted during initial 20 years of life in highest quantity. Medically it has been found that HGH gets secreted most during early hours of night when person is asleep. So ensure that your child goes to sleep early at night and gain maximum secretion of this vital hormone. Children playing till late at night or sleeping during the day tend to gain weight easily, even in presence of active daily routine. Duration of sleep is also necessary so also ensure that sleeping place of your child is comfortable and peaceful. Proper and timely sleep works well to prevent child obesity.

If your child gets irritated frequently, shouts and shows anger, or does not focus on job on hands, he is facing some emotional trauma. This can be due to anxiety, fear or stress, whatever it is discuss symptoms and behaviour of your child with doctor. Take necessary steps to bring him out of emotional setback and to normal status. Children suffering with emotional disturbances tend to eat more and play less, this prevents optimum calorie burn and also increases calorie intake. Proper care of child prevents child obesity effectively.

Make their favourites healthy. We all have favourite food, and for children it means a world. Provide him his favourite food cooked at home, replace harmful ingredients with healthier ones, this way it will be easier for you to curb intake of unhealthy calories and increase consumption of healthy ones without irritating the child. Involve your child in strenuous exercises which grow and shape his muscles. More muscle mass in your child’s body will burn more calories even while he is resting. Mild weight training or other kind of exercises are good for gaining sound physical growth and prevent child obesity.

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