Acupressure for Natural Fat Loss, Lose Weight Naturally

Acupressure for Natural Fat Loss

Acupressure theories are based on the concept that energy flows in the body through channels referred as meridians. When any or few of these meridians get blocked energy cannot flow smoothly and causes weakness in related organs. When few organs of the body are not working at their peak level this condition raises an imbalance which causes ailments and health problems. According to acupressure theory weight gain is also an outcome of such imbalance which can occur due to unevenness between the digestive, endocrine, circulatory and nervous system. If pressure at particular points is applied after a massage the blockages get removed allowing energy to flow freely. This brings back proper balance in the body and can cure ailments and disorders including weight gain. Acupressure for natural fat loss is popular way of gaining fit and slim body and it works effectively in most of the cases.

To utilize acupressure for fat loss person first needs to identify and massage pressure points and later apply pressure on them for specified duration. Before ending the session, a lighter massage of those points is also done to relieve the area. Before starting this therapy one needs to consult acupressure doctor to identify the points and also get his health condition assessed. Regular practice of acupressure to lose weight naturally provides benefits like control over appetite, better digestion and fat metabolism, and better body awareness for conscious eating. These benefits reduce intake of unhealthy and excessive calories which promote weight gain and also improve body's energy levels which allow a person to remain physically active and burn down accumulated fat.

In acupressure following areas of the body are described as pressure points which can bring weight down.

Ear point

This point lies close to ear on both sides of the jaw. To locate this point place your fingers on both sides of jaw and close and open it, move your fingers to feel the point where jaw makes maximum movement. Press these points for 1-3 minutes and release. It is believed that pressure on these points regulates leptin hormone which is responsible for indiscriminate and excessive eating.

Abdomen point

This is single point which lies 3 cm below belly button. Use your two fingers to massage the area and apply pressure later for 1-3 minutes. Release the point and gently massage it again. By pressing this point person gains healthy digestion and cures constipation. Slow digestion and irregular bowel movements raise level of toxins in digestive tract. These toxins further slowdown digestion and also raise false hunger alarms which promote excessive eating. Massaging and pressing abdomen pint is important part of acupressure to lose weight naturally.

Abdominal sorrow points

These points lie on both sides of the body, straight down in the line of ear lobes below last rib in front of the body. Massage these points and curve your fingers to apply pressure for five minutes. Release and massage again. In acupressure for natural fat loss these points are pressured to treat ulcers, relieve indigestion, cure pain in ribs and regulate hunger pattern and appetite.

Knee point

In acupressure to lose weight this pressure point is used to nourish blood, regulate appetite and improve digestion. This point lies at one hand's width below knee cap and a two finger's width away from shin bone towards outside of leg. When you place finger at the point and move your feet up and down you can feel the muscle moving. Apply pressure over this point for few minutes and release.

Ankle point

This point lies at one hand's width above ankle towards inside of leg. Massage the point few times and with thumb or knuckle, apply pressure for few minutes and release later. This point is pressed to eliminate wastes from digestive tract and blood and strengthen digestive system. Regular practice improves function of spleen. This organ is vital for healthy digestion; it is advisable that pregnant women shall avoid it.

Elbow point

This point lies at thumb and finger's width away from elbow-joint towards inside crease of the joint. Press this point with thumb for few minutes. This point when pressurized releases excess heat and water from the body. When cells possess more water these increase weight and excessive heat causes slowness in digestion.

Acupressure for natural fat loss program is dependable way to lose excess fat but it needs regular practice to show its wonderful results. If done properly it is harmless and free of side effects. However people having any health condition related to digestive system shall always take doctor's advice before starting. One should combine acupressure for natural fat loss with healthy eating habits and regular exercises for quicker and better results. Always remember that acupressure can control your excessive hunger but cannot stop you from eating junk and fatty food, so eat healthy and nutritious food and perform mild exercises to compound the good effects of fat loss program and gain healthier and fitter body.

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